The USA, British era of global arrogance is over

The “West” make a mistake invading Iraq and Afghanistan, both outcomes are worst case scenarios.

The “West”, handed Iraq to the Ayatollahs of Iran and gave the Iranians the oil and gas resources of Iraq. The USA, Britain, Australia, Canada etc. were militarily and financially humiliated in Iraq.

In Afghanistan, the USA abandoned its military bases in the middle of the night fearing the Taliban.

This is not the behavior of a global super power. The USA left before its official withdrawal date as the Taliban closed-in on scared USA troops. The dishonor is obvious as the Taliban instantly took control of USA military bases and equipment left behind. The USA left in such a rush it did not have time to destroy its Humvees and military weapons which are now in Taliban hands.

Those who collaborated with the USA are obvious targets just like those who collaborated with the USA and its allies in Iraq became targets. There is a pattern. The USA and its allies cannot be trusted.

When the USA fled in Iraq and Afghanistan in dishonor, they left behind the local collaborators.

When the Nazi’s were defeated in Europe the French and other Europeans who collaborated with the Nazi’s were killed and others abused as traitors. It is the innate nature of war that after the main enemy is defeated, those who supported the enemy, share a fate, similar to that of the enemy.

The USA, Britain, Canada and Australia and others who invaded sovereign nations and killed and raped and pillaged in Iraq and Afghanistan must take responsibility for the those who collaborated.

Those thousands of Iraqi’s and Afghans, who stupidly trusted the USA and its allies must be given safe passage to these imperial states. The collaborators earned their right to safety in the USA etc.

It is stupid to think that the Taliban must forget those who collaborated with an invading army. The USA, Britain, Canada and Australia and others degraded and killed innocent people for 20 years.

Their endless war crimes have been recorded by many independent journalists. There is video evidence of the brutality and murder of innocent Afghans. History teaches many lessons.

Example, lesson one, God almighty despises the oppressor, whoever they are. The USA and its allies need to repent before it is too late. God used the Pathan Afghans to teach the mightiest armies, that might does not make right. Lesson two, the Pathan have a divinely ordained destiny that cannot be stopped. Any student of Jewish, Christian and Islamic epistemology knows the destiny of the Pathan.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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