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A people of destiny – Cape Argus

The Pathan, a people of destiny Afghanistan has once again, proven to be a graveyard for an empire. Three modern empires have failed to conquer Afghanistan, land of the mythical Pathan people. Since my paternal ancestry is Pathan, what transpires in my ancestral...

To plan the future – Cape Argus

To plan the future, we must understand the past         Originally, Europeans did not actively capture Africans. African tribal leaders who engaged in conflict, enslaved African captives who were then sold to Europeans as slaves. Tribal leaders rid themselves of...

Don’t blame Muslims for Mozambique violence – Cape Argus

God gave humans automatic right to water, food, shelter and safety and so on. In response to Rob Johnston “ANC has failed us” 31st April. According to the epistemology of the Abrahamic faiths, before human souls were send to earth we made a contract with our Creator....

Problem is graft and abuse of locals – Cape Argus

The violence in Mozambique has little to do with Islam Years ago I heard a ANC leader, clarify why he joined the ANC. He said that Apartheid was so cruel that he felt he had no choice but to fight the evil of Apartheid. What has and will continue to happen across...

A parasitic evil at work – Cape Argus

A parasitic evil at work Good people do not need laws to tell them to behave, bad people will find a way around the laws. Some of our leading political and business elites, has a serious disrespect for ordinary people. ESKOM sells electricity to Botswana, Lesotho,...

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