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Denying sale Sea point land to Jewish community is ill-advised – Cape Argus

Truth and reality, reason and logic must prevail Prophet Muhammed like all prophets before him said that, a genuine believer must speak truth. Whilst I will not compromise my support of the Palestinian people, denying the sale of land in Sea Point to the Jewish...

I take issue with Biden’s criticism of Turkey

Who are the real terrorists? Since Pres Biden has accused Turkey of genocide in Armenia in 1915, we must revisit history. We must study how many innocent civilians were murdered globally by the British, the Americans and Russian imperial empires and their proxies...

Time to make tough decisions to end devastation of Table Mountain – Cape Argus

Time to make tough decisions Years ago, on a municipal visit to Table Mountain, the officials asked, if Councillor’s in attendance would consider allowing the mountain authority to charge an entry fee to access the mountain. At that time, I was undecided and...

Muslims must not be deceived into a war with China – 13 April

Muslims must not be deceived into war with China It is evident that Muslims are persecuted in China. So, why state the obvious. Deviously, those who hate Muslims more than China does, desire conflict between Muslims and China. Example, China is a threat to Zionism for...

A people of destiny – Cape Argus

The Pathan, a people of destiny Afghanistan has once again, proven to be a graveyard for an empire. Three modern empires have failed to conquer Afghanistan, land of the mythical Pathan people. Since my paternal ancestry is Pathan, what transpires in my ancestral...

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