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Racial politics exists and cannot be dismissed or ignored – Cape Argus

Most political parties will say anything to win votes. This includes branding themselves with broad philosophies. Since the vote of a vagrant and professor is the same, serious acrobatics is required. However, deep down, hidden from the voter, most political parties...

Covid-19 should be a catalyst for behavior change – Cape Argus

Society requires realistic behavior change Years ago I viewed a British sitcom “Yes Minister”. In one episode, the Minister wanted to ban cigarette advertising to reduce the impact on the Health Ministry. The intent was logical until he learnt from the Head of...

West fears capable and stable Africa

Mass migration to Europe, Britain and the North America is a vital political tool The historic foreign policy of Britain, Europe and North American towards Africa, the Middle East and South America etc. is basically racist and inspires corruption, degradation and...

“Militants are the perfect excuse to avoid peace” – Cape Argus

Test Test TestZionists need “Islamic militants” more than the Palestinians Injustice is like negative energy and can migrate from one place and one generation to another. Defeating injustice requires the truth and obliging the guilty to be held liable and pay...

As with apartheid, conflict in Palestine is a case of a few deceiving many

The politics of deception To the non-political mind it seems that Jews and Muslims are fighting in the Holy Land. In truth, the issues are far more insidious. To follow the conflict, we must study history and under-current political events unfolding. Behind every...

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