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Vigilantism is inevitable in a lawless society

Chaos is inevitable A recent Argus headline suggested that vigilante activity is on the increase across South Africa. Our law enforcement is in decline. The inherent nature of our society has changed and social values has degraded. It started during Apartheid but took...

When is media bias , Propaganda?

When is media bias, propaganda? After the Taliban forced the USA and its allies to flee, the media propaganda war went into full swing. On BBC and CNN, woman’s rights in Afghanistan was the whip with which to beat the Taliban. The USA and its allies, forcefully occupy...

“Western “success was built on slavery, theft” – Cape Argus

Mutual respect is required I have said it many times before and I will say it again. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. However, when a person or community or society or nation continues to engage in the same crime then it cannot be held as an error of...

USA has deserted it’s Afghanistan and Iraqi Collaborators

The USA, British era of global arrogance is over The “West” make a mistake invading Iraq and Afghanistan, both outcomes are worst case scenarios. The “West”, handed Iraq to the Ayatollahs of Iran and gave the Iranians the oil and gas resources of Iraq. The USA,...

Cabinet reshuffle entrenches Ramaphosa’s power base – Cape Argus

The Cabinet reshuffle has little to do with South Africa The cabinet reshuffle was a chance for the President to rid himself of persons that threaten his second term as President. He also used the occasion secure his allies to ensure political loyalty. The political...

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