Yagyah Adams


Yagyah was born in Cape Town. In 1991, he graduated from the University of the Western Cape and completed his Higher Diploma in Education in 1992.

 After graduating, Yagyah dedicated his first decade of work to the Muslim Judicial Council. He worked in family mediation, problem solving and conflict resolution. His experiences at the MJC sensitized his approach and educated him with regards to proper communication, conflict resolution and poverty alleviation. These are invaluable experiences which help build his attitude.

 He initiated and became involved in several community activities where he operated in different profiles, amongst others:

  • Editor of “Ad-dawah” community newspaper
  • Researcher and writer for the radio station “Voice of the Cape”
  • Project manager in poverty  relief projects in Malawi as well as Albania

The diversity of the challenges gave him valuable experience as a researcher, planner, manager and networker. He also gained experience in marketing.

 In 1999, he had an opportunity to be part of the African Leadership Program in the USA, where he obtained a Certificate in Conflict Resolution.

 In 2000 he started his political career as a Councillor with the City of Cape Town. Here he served as deputy chairman of the Corporate Service Portfolio and the Skills Audit committee from 2000 – 2003.

 In 2006 he worked in the Department of the Premier in the

Directorate: Communications, Conceptualization and Research

Sub Directorate: Marketing, Design and Brand Management

 In 2010 he researched, developed and structured the concept of the Cape Muslim Congress.

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