Since a leading South African political figure has deemed it suitable to glorify colonialism, it allows occasion to praise the benefits that Islam and Muslims brought to the world.

Who knew, Muslims were the first people to use soap. Soap was taken to Europe when crusaders invaded Muslim lands. In the 13th century Al-Sahrawi a physician wrote “The medicine of beauty” which dealt with aspects of cosmetics which was measured a branch of medicine by early Muslims.

Muslims gave the world carpets which replaced straw that were piled on European floors. In the 12th century the grandson of William the Conqueror used carpets imported from Muslim Spain. In early 1500 King Henry VIII of England imported carpets from Damascus.

The Ethiopian goat herder who discovered coffee after watching his goats become lively after eating the beans, was a Muslim named Khalid. Muslims drank coffee for centuries before it reached Europe in 1645. The Cappuccino is a result of a monk from the Capuchin order who diluted strong Turkish coffee by mixing in some cream and honey.

The father of Algebra was a Muslim named al-Khwarizmi born around 780 CE. He was so brilliant that the Soviet Union issued a commemorative stamp of his face in 1983. Al-Biruni born in 973 CE laid the basics of trigonometry, 600 years later Copernicus uncovered Al-Biruni’s work.

Scholars agree that the Muslim Jabir ibn Hayyan or “Geber” in the West is the founder of chemistry. He wrote several books including “Great Book of Chemical Properties”, “Weights and Measures etc.

Muslims were responsible for thousands of discoveries that were assumed to be European in origin.

Today these truths remain hidden. Part of the history of colonialism seeks to deny signs of intellect from any “other people”. It was for this reason, Napoleon wanted to blow the head off the Sphinx in Egypt as he could not admit that the Egyptians could achieve such historic scientific progress.

Today modern neo-colonial and imperialists rulers who have reinvented themselves, tell the world that Islam and Muslims are the enemy and they are our saviors.

In the end only two things matter, did you worship the God of Abraham and did you practice justice.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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