Words without supporting action are meaningless

Centuries ago Muhammad the messenger said “The best among you are those most beneficial to humanity.”

Pres Ramaphosa recent appeal for the world not to forget Africa during the Covid 19 pandemic, was ironic.

For years we witnessed politicians abuse our taxes with shocking defiance. So, on what ethical basis can we ask the world to help us? Example, when the Chairman of a Portfolio Committee in parliament received a “loan” from a company doing business with a department over which he had oversight, is “conflict of interest” not obvious?

When any reaction occurs years later, the process is so tortuous and clumsy, one wonders if those liable for the political, economic, social and overall future progress etc. of our nation are qualified and thinking people?

Thus the editorial on the opinion page 30th Sept requires a supported response.

The tricks of former Pres. Zuma and his attempts not to be held liable for his actions is deeply insulting. It is especially sad for black Africans who languish in crowded shanty towns with limit hope of escaping poverty.

For generations, we prayed to God Almighty for release Apartheid’s degradation. Oddly it was not enough for few people to have so much wealth. The privileged people were indifferent or possibly enjoyed the cruelty inflicted.

Thus, it is a deep insult when political leaders and officials who are chosen to serve, benefit from stolen taxes.

We are one of the highest taxed nations in the world and with the Covid19, joblessness, corruption and overall increasing crime and misery, our governance structure cannot possibly repair itself without radical action.

Thus I propose the return of the death penalty for murder, child rape etc. Also, including prison, actually cutting-off the hand of a politician, official or business person guilty of involvement with theft of tax monies over R5 million.

Desperate times require desperate measures and we can review the actions after overall criminality retreats.

It is irrational in a modern democratic society in 2020 that law-abiding families struggle to feed, clothe and shelter themselves when killers and rapists enjoy 3 meals a day and health care at taxpayers cost.

We have deceived ourselves with an assumed “human rights” culture. The future of our nation is at risk and we need qualified and tough leaders to benefit our humanity. We need to reprioritize what is vital in the long term.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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