To achieve success, a nation requires a strong vibrant democratic dispensation which include multiparty representation, an impartial judiciary and a vibrant entrepreneurial class and so on.

The current problems that beset the ANC and thus the nation are a result of decisions made historically (Apartheid) but also under ANC rule (22years). While much can be said about Apartheid, progressing forward, those endless dialogs while righteous, have limited “real-time” benefit.

Since people are created ungrateful, which is confirmed in Abrahamic epistemology, to expect locals to remain indebted for the sacrifices made by the ANC, is asking too much. This was established by the 2016 local elections where the ANC vote was greatly reduced.

So, what must the ANC do to redeem itself and accordingly the nation it governs.

*Bring back Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe and others like Rev Frank Chikane, Ronnie Kasrils even if only in an advisory capacity. While these men were far from perfect they had a dignity and grace that was worthy of respect. Minimize current ANC leaders that reduced the ANC and will continue to do so because of the way in which they represent the ANC. The leadership of a nation requires persons that lure people to them and not repulse people with their behavior etc.

*Investigate ANC comrades and others to ensure that those who profited from corruption return the wealth for amnesty. Dependent on a full confession like the Apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The TRC could allow clemency and allow 20% of the stolen wealth as a loss provided there is a full confession just to get the ball rolling. The South African Debt Clock is currently around R2 Trillion and must be curtailed. Corruption must be negotiated and stopped at all and any cost.

*Retrench all unqualified and unusable comrades that are liable for the lack of service delivery. This will benefit the ANC as it was those comrades who are most to be blamed for the ANC electoral loss.

*Reduce the budget on fruitless and wasteful expenditure. Do not allow any official or politician to travel abroad on states expense unless authorized by the Presidency. Foreign trips could be organized via a central committee that can evaluate its value, as most can be video conferences.

*In all honesty, how many delegations travelled abroad and returned with genuine mind-blowing solutions for local problems.  How many delegations have reported back on what they have learnt? Those traveling abroad must be required to report their success verbatim to ensure that it was not just a holiday as most interactive discussions can be achieved on email. This will reduce transport, food, accommodation and other costs include saving the environment from avoidable pollution.

*Overseas business delegations have no value when we have parliamentary leaders talk about nationalization and so on. Why must anyone invest money in South Africa with our crime rate?

*Stop the provision of luxury foods at all government meetings.

*The state also spends billions annually keeping murderers, rapists and very wicked people fed, clothed and imprisoned at taxpayers’ expense. The return of the death penalty could make this money available and reduce the cost of university education and increase the budget for housing.

If the ANC rejects the advice and the DA ends up governing South Africa in 2019 with various coalitions, then the ANC must accept this reality and not disrupt events as they currently do in DA dominant coalition municipalities up North.

Cllr Yagyah Adams Cape Muslim Congress

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