In response to your headline “Military base is a problem farm” June 30th a few years ago my daughter invited a few primary school friends to her birthday. One lovely tiny African girl, who was brought by a white couple, said that she lived on a farm in Tamboerskloof. A few months ago that little girl invited my daughter to her home. Wanting to be cordial I agreed and that Sunday decided to drop my two daughters at the farm in Tamboerskloof. On entry, my family was met by a young African man with “Born to kill” or something like that tattooed across his near naked body. He was chatting to two American tourists while another young white couple lazed in a hammock under a tree. The day was hot and the air was heavily perfumed with the smell of dagga. I drove to the end of the rugged driveway in search of Andre whom I assumed was the little girl’s father. Andre it turned out was a very friendly but elderly and burly white man. Since the situation seemed and felt seedy and I did not want to be rude and leave, I decided to supervise a short visit. Waiting in my car and guarding the girls from a distance, another parent arrived to drop his daughter. I advised that he stay. Moments later the dagga filled air was shattered by the shouting of insults and vulgarities. A resident was angered by others who had kept him awake the night before. The plaintiff specified that others “had loud anal sex with destitute people under the tree in front of his house”. Andre who heard the shouting came running down the hill with a crow-bar in hand to quell the dissent. My wife and I with the other parent were shocked at the chaos within earshot of our girls. Andre and the 10 year old girl that invited the others apologised sadly. I felt that perhaps, she was familiar with the drama. This was the last time my daughters would ever honour an invite from any friend in the near future. I feared that Andre and the little girl may be homeless should I report this incident. In retrospect, the ruffians operating on the farm in Tamboerskloof must be removed. The buildings however must stay as a resource. The land cannot be sold off to developers for a quick buck at the cost of losing a potential heritage site. The national government should give the land to the City of Cape Town who must facilitate the conversion of the location into a vegetable farm and play park under the supervision of qualified people which may well be Andre Laubscher. This can be done through a private public partnership thus securing a living heritage site and at little expense to the ratepayers. The existing military buildings could be converted to an urban based farmers market of sorts supported by locals. The neighbourhood of Tamboerskloof like all Capetonians have the right to live in a milieu free of dagga smells and tattooed neighbours who scream and fight at all hours of the day. Cllr Yagyah Adams Cape Muslim Congress

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