Sexual slavery has become an enormous problem in Israel. According to media reports, every year thousands of women are smuggled into the Holy Land and sold into sexual slavery. Most of the women come from Ukraine, Moldova, China and Russia. In 2003, Israel passed a law that would allow the state to confiscate the profits of traffickers, but watchdog groups claim it is rarely enforced. Prostitution has been dominated by immigrants from the former Soviet Union since mass immigration in the 1990s. A study published in 2005 found 1000 Russian prostitutes working in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. From 1991 to 1994 massage parlors run by Russian immigrants rose from 14 to 111.

In 2007, the United States State Department placed Israel as a “Tier 2” in its annual Trafficking in Persons reports; this meant that Israel does not fully comply with the standards for the elimination of trafficking. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, in 2007 Israel was listed as one of the top trafficking destinations in the world. The story notes that Israeli officials were forced into action after pressure from the United States. This happened after a gruelling ten years of doing little to nothing in terms of law enforcement. In Israel prostitution is legal, but pimping and brothels are not.

On Aug.16, 2009 Michal Zebedee wrote in the online Jewish Haaretz how traffickers were targeting Israeli girls to replace foreign sex slaves. In December 2009 a bill outlawing the purchase of sexual services was introduced into the Israeli parliament. The limited success in combating the import of women for sex led traffickers to recruit local girls. According to the Task Force on Human Trafficking, Israeli’s visit brothels up to one million times a month, without this demand, Israeli women would not have been recruited to fill the void left by rehabilitated foreign sex slaves. The sex trade in Israel generates up to $2 billion in revenue a year. Women who were trafficked ⅓ were told they would be dancers, ⅓ domestics, and ⅓ nannies. Elem, Youth in Distress, an Israeli nonprofit organisation, identified 626 youths, who were sold for prostitution in 2011 compared to 126 in 2010.

What is obvious is that monotheism which is represented by Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all currently experiencing great turmoil and many challenges. In my opinion after centuries of Jewish exile, the Holy Land has again fallen under the influence of the false Jews who are determined to disgrace the heritage of Abraham, Isaac and Ismael. Once more, the descendants of the false Jews who ferociously resisted Prophets Moses, Solomon and Jesus are corrupting the Holy land.

In comparison, while millions of Muslims are mass murdered by barbaric secular Arab tyrants posing as Muslims leaders [Qaddaffi of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt, Saddam of Iraq, and Assad of Syria] other Muslims are at the mercy of belligerent extremists. Concurrently Christendom is deeply divided by the moral ambivalence of homosexuality and secularization. Catholicism has been rocked by waves of predatory pedophilia, corruption and allegations of primordial evil at the highest level of the Vatican.

Besides waiting for the historical narrative of the Messiah to release believers from this cataclysm, what genuine Christian, Jews and Muslims should realize is that, by ignoring our common struggle, the varied evil that feeds on the essence of our collective faiths will continue to divide us until evil is dominant and there is little faith left for future generations to build on.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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