Thank God for freedom of the media

I am grateful to the Argus for publishing “Blatantly biased” by Gary James as it allows dialog between those who reject and those who worship the God of Abraham. The atheist “label” is misleading as early Christians were regarded by Roman and Greeks as atheists as Christians rejected the many Deities for monotheism. Generally, people fall into three main categories, those who worship the, God of Abraham, those who worship “other stuff” and those who worship themselves.

For millennia opportunists and fraudsters pretending to follow the God of Abraham mislead the world to believe that those who worship the God of Abraham are murderers. Moses, Jesus the Messiah and Muhammed the envoy all prohibited harming the innocent. Those who kill the innocent cannot claim to be Jews, Muslims or Christians as Moses, Jesus and Muhammed will deny them.

Ironically, Mr. James does not rebut any of my opinions but merely repeats his old quarrels. This suggests that he has an inability to understand what he read.

My letter “Who are the true terrorists of the world?” April 3, 2019 had specific examples. Firstly, Muslims have been enslaved and colonized by the “West” for 400 years. Secondly, Muslims did not and do not atomic or carpet bombing murdering millions. Thirdly, Muslims did not and do not economically sabotage other nations. Fourthly, the “West” inspires and actively supports tyranny when it suits the “West”. Mr. James ignores most of my letter and proceeds with his fictional views.

Mr. James utilizes the racist orientalist view that Islam was spread by the sword forgetting that most orientalist were so racists they refused to accept that the Egyptians built the pyramids. Many prefer to believe that aliens from outer space built the pyramids just to deny historic African skill. It was vital for racists that the natural spread of Islam had to be buried under historic untruths of violence.

Just like Caesar blamed Christians when he burnt down Rome to build himself a larger palace.

It was impossible that 200 million Indians were killed by Muslims in the Middle Ages when the global populace was about 400 million? Likewise, western nations do not equate to Christian nations, as Jesus the Messiah did not condone mass murder included in western colonialism and imperialism.

It is common knowledge that the CIA built al-Qaeda to undo the Soviet Union starting in Afghanistan. Pres. Donald Trump explained that Islamic State (IS) was created by Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton. Bottom line, most jihadists are western proxies who serve to humiliate Islam. That is why Jihadist kill mostly Muslims. To believe, that a man hiding in a cave in Afghanistan planned 9/11 defies logic.

While it is easy to blame God and his worshippers, the truth is often more nefarious to understand.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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