Why now?

What is obvious is that Sepp Blatter has headed Fifa for 17 years while corruption has been the norm. The question is why the corruption is only relevant now and why is South Africa drawn into the issue.

What is evident is that the United States judicial system and methods of investigation is primarily politically driven. Thus the FBI inquiry into Fifa must have political subtext. Example, recently some United States bankers brought the global economy to its knees with blatant corrupt activities that rendered millions unemployed. Pension fund theft ruined the lives of millions of innocent pensioners. No banker or corporate bigwig went to jail. In fact, the American taxpayer paid billions of dollars to underwrite corporations from disintegrating as they were “too big to fail”.

Sepp Blatter made one critical mistake. While the corruption was tolerated for years, it is the awarding of the World Cup to Russia that insulted the USA and its allies in Europe. Russia in an attempt to protect itself from American expansionism in Ukraine must thus be marginalized and made a global pariah. This was attempted with the winter Olympics but did not work. As the proxy war in Ukraine and Syria between the USA and Russia becomes more deadly so does the political subterfuge.

The rebellion against Blatter started by the European Football Association {Uefa} was inspired by the USA who ironically does not even play soccer. This was evident in the voting patterns as most of Asia, Africa and non-European unions, federations and associations voted for Sepp Blatter.

Our problem started when Pres. Zuma visited Russia and signed nuclear deals worth billions.

We have upset the USA and they are going to teach us a lesson.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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