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Looting will have a devastating long term effect, so let’s flush the rubbish from our political system – Cape Argus

Looting will have a long term psychological impact The looting will impact the psychology of many communities across the South African landscape. Indians and White people may become less sensitive towards the economic needs of blacks in Kwazulu Natal. This will have a...

Riots the result of perfect storm of joblessness, lawlessness – Cape Argus

The perfect storm The violence that is happening across South Africa is a perfect storm. The Covid19 pandemic with the joblessness is worsening the suffering. Increasing crime and ruthless government corruption has bred increasing futility. The Jacob Zuma saga oddly...

“Zuma’s personality disorder needs a registered diagnosis” – Cape Argus

The proposed “Zuma Personality Disorder” As a university graduate with a major in psychology and a minor in political science, I would like the therapeutic community to consider registering the “Zuma Personality Disorder” as a likely disorder. Disclaimer, please note...

Nobody is perfect but

Nobody is perfect We all make mistakes. Some repeat mistakes because we are human and to error is human. This is the nature of being human, we are all subject to questionable behaviors that challenge us. However, there are some errors that require analyses and deeper...

Zuma’s jail sentence a “powerful message” – Argus – 2 July

Pres. Zuma’s jail sentence is a shock I was stunned by the 15-month jail-time for Pres. Zuma. I was hoping Pres. Zuma would respect the judiciary and “spill the beans” at the Zondo Commission. I hoped that Pres. Zuma would expose the Gupta family, Salim Essa and all...

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