The wounds of honor are often self-inflicted, for it is the duty of decent people to speak truth against the advance of tyranny.

Our nation stands at the precipice of a silent despotism that has shadowed us for a long time.

On one side are those who have been enriched through a history of tyranny and have retained hegemony over others for centuries. From slavery, colonialism and Apartheid they built wealth that cannot be equaled except through crime. The definition “white minority elite” (WME) seems fitting.

On another side is the growing black elite that seeks wealth at any cost which includes corruption, the capture of our state and its institutions to insulate themselves from criminal prosecution. They are better known as the “black minority elite” (BME) and are politically connected.

Both control media houses to sustain their propaganda.

Regular people who seek a free and safe milieu to raise a family and earn a living have become expedient in the games the elite play. Innocent people are murdered on farms, at home, at work and at schools. No-one is safe only the white and black elite that have private security. Criminals have been given the freedom to commit crimes as our elite have limited interests in ordinary people.

Recently, we had no electricity, now our water supply is critical yet the elite who have private electricity and water supply remain unaffected while the rest of us suffer with limited help from the elite. In truth, they benefit from our suffering as water is now privately retailed at massive profits.

Ironically in parliament both black and white elite refuse to return the death penalty. Why are they protecting criminals after more than 19 000 people were murdered in South Africa in the past year?

In the words of the wise, the elite must know that according to the God of the Torah, Bible and Quran, there is only agony in the after-life for those who profit from the suffering of others.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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