Unwanted pregnancies

The Argus headline about unwanted pregnancies March 4, 2020 is disturbing but “expected”.

That the 20% increase is primarily amongst the poor enforces the poverty mindset amid the poor.

Whilst we may seek to blame the education system and our general social milieu, often the reasons are simpler. One day when those with education, knowledge, skills and genuine concern governs this nation, matters will make sense. The truth is that, some people in our society, do not give a damn.

They live the way they want and to hell with the rest.

This impacts, mostly the poor as the rich can take care of their own problems but the poor cannot. The poor is the problem of the taxpayer. Sadly, all the sex education and free condoms did not work.

The question is why? 

The answer is simple. Some people do not give a damn how their behavior affects others.

Example, does a drug dealer care how an addict gets the money? The answer is no. If the money is stolen or earned is irrelevant. When a drug-addict rapes and kills a toddler because the demon inside his head told him to do so, does the drug dealer accept culpability. No they do not. Also, anyone who believes that a drug dealer sells drugs to buy bread and milk for his family is an idiot.

The only solution is to execute both the drug dealer and addict who commit crimes. The risk to society is instantly curtailed. No more house break-ins or robberies etc. One day when addicts work for their drugs, that day that we can reopen that discussion.

Similarly, it is impossible to stop teenagers from having sex in our society. Not even HIV/Aids can stop the spread of HIV/Aids. We cannot reduce the murder, rape, child abuse statistic. Basically all crimes are increasing. So, we must become realistic about our reality, as denial does not work.

After the first child is born to a poor teen, sterilize both the male and female involved, no questions.

After sterilization they can have as much sex as they want without being a burden on the taxpayers.

The issues are no longer moral. The morality of teen pregnancies like drug addiction has long passed.

Our economy and the future of our nation is at risk. Millions are jobless and suffering. The human rights of pregnant teens are irrelevant in this crises. Action is required, the time for words are gone.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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