For millennia believers in the God of Abraham were made to consider that that those who reject the God of Abraham especially atheists, did so because of their measured unemotional need for the unrequited questions in life to have scientific and not a divine/celestial meaning.

Atheists always hailed science as their “preferred deity” if one can cloak it in those terms. Sadly the emotional reply in “Atheists are not amoral” to the citation in “Atheists, dagga is wrong” contradicts the belief that atheists are detached and prone to science.

Atheists have fashioned themselves as rational and logical thinkers, yet when a university study refutes their beliefs, the claws come out and they react similar to religious zealots the world-over.

Atheists have cloaked their philosophical theory in existentialism which suggests the “existence of the individual as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through the act of will”.

Ironically the atheist key response to any examination is an attack on Judaism, Christianity and Islam but rarely on those who worship multiple deities. Where is their respect for the free will of others then?

The letters which reacted to the university citation were unscientific and emotional. None of the critics sought to debunk the university study that confirms that atheists are prone to psychopathy compared to those who believe in God. Ironically my letter did not fixate on an opinion but merely repeated what the university study disclosed. The citation was 60 words; ironically the deluge of emotional replies was much more. Since I have written many letters before, not a single response about the many other issues I have raised was received by the atheist defenders. Example, why, no comment on the study that revealed that cannabis makes you lazy and stupid which was in the same letter?

From the many regular retorts in the media, one could conclude that the major gripe of atheists is not a defence of science but rather an attack on the God of Abraham.

Rarely do atheists in their nihilistic capacity react to the copious problems facing our society, like the abuse of workers, racism or corruption in business and government etc. Their main concern is attacking the God revered by Abraham and finding fault with those who worship God, why???


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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