To plan the future, we must understand the past        

Originally, Europeans did not actively capture Africans. African tribal leaders who engaged in conflict, enslaved African captives who were then sold to Europeans as slaves. Tribal leaders rid themselves of likely rebellion and also profited. Initially Europeans seldom ventured inland until centuries later.

Historically, African leaders actively enslaved ordinary Africans and seems that little has changed.

Africa remains at war and poor as it benefits African leaders and their business partners. Example, though much of the world’s gold, platinum and resources are in Africa, African currency are weak. The British Pound, European Euro and American Dollar is 15 times stronger than the South African Rand. Oddly, we import little of value from these nations. So, why are African currency so weak?

The answer lies with African leaders. Like their historic precursors, African leaders are excited about individual pleasure and luxury and do not really care about the collective progress of Africans.

The average African political leader can be labelled as corrupt and avarice. Most African leaders have many wives and many girlfriends. When you live lavishly at other people’s expense, you will do whatever is needed to maintain your illicit wealth, power and patronage. That is why African leaders disregard human rights and sell off the wealth of a nation to benefit themselves primarily.

Example, why must we pay R85 a kg for hake when we live next to the ocean. Why are those with political links receiving fishing quotes when they have no historic link to the ocean? How much of our fishing wealth end up abroad when locals are starving? Why are subsistence fishers prejudiced but outsiders are fishing in our waters legally and illegally? Why is our ocean wealth not protected?

Why has our public transport system been destroyed? Why are we paying more for food, water, electricity and petrol than during Apartheid?  Why are University fees so expensive?

What is the difference between current African leaders and those who sold Africans to Europeans?

The result is similar.

Millions of Africans live in slave like poverty with limited chance of escape. Historically slave owners sustained the slave. As financial slaves, the chains are invisible and the slaves must feed themselves. With limited access to water, electricity and work etc. many Africans struggle to feed themselves.

Africa’s resources continue to be exported whilst a few politically linked BEE partners, benefits.

An example is the reality that most kids of Africa’s leaders are multi-millionaires, how and why?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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