After 35 years in the same classroom Mrs. Rowe the HOD for the foundation phase at Tamboerskloof Primary School is retiring.

Through her able hands, an entire generation of students learnt to read, write and do arithmetic.

Mrs. Rowe was an institution on her own as she was part of a generation who studied teaching because they wanted to be teachers and spent her an entire life as a teacher. To her the education of a child was “a calling and a divine responsibility”. Every child that sat at her feet experienced her commitment and dedication. Many of her former pupils have achieved plenty because of the basics which she drilled into them. Teachers like her must know that they are valued and remembered.

She was a stalwart at Tamboerskloof Primary and she often arrived at school hours before the school bell rang. Her white hair was mythical as parents could see her coming a mile away. Her patient and quiet dignified demeanor made her easily likeable and she enjoyed the full respect of the entire school community which included learners, parents, teachers, auxiliary staff and the governing body.

She was also well loved by those in the surrounding community whose children had left the school many years earlier. Her active attendance over 35yrs at every school event was greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Rowe will be sorely missed by all of us at Tamboerskloof who worked with her. Her wise and timely advice will be missed at our governing body where we have worked together for 10 years.

I will miss her ability to laugh at my dry and humorless attempts at wit.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Chairperson of the Governing

Tamboerskloof Primary School

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