While I applaud the cities struggle to make the stadium self-sustaining it is important to note that the stadiums existing financial unsustainability is historically not the fault of the present Mayor Patricia de Lille or Executive Councillor Grant Pascoe or that of the Executive Director Anton Groenewald. That they are attempting to resolve the financial catastrophe that was hoisted onto local ratepayers is noteworthy. However, what I am concerned with, are the prior decision makers who have ensnared Capetonians into this massive liability in the first place. While critics may consider this as an exercise in futility and “water under the bridge” I suggest a commission of inquiry that should be managed by professional engineers, architects, accountants and event consultants. The purpose would be to conclude if ratepayers money was spend intelligently. For example, was it necessary to involve foreign companies in material supplies and construction etc. were locals not available?  Secondly, I believe that politicians {political mileage} and consultants who financially benefited from the project should be compelled to explain publically, why they allowed R4.5 billion to be spent on a project they knew to be unsustainability. If they did not know, then I suggest their professional qualifications and their ability to consult must be publically questioned.

The objective of the commission is to send a serious warning shot into the future to caution other politicians, consultants and officials. They must realize that they will not be allowed to make decisions on behalf of millions of ratepayers without accountability. While Capetonians and their children are bound for generations to maintain the stadium, advisors, consultants and officials continue to earn massive salaries. The commission should principally investigate those officials and consultants who forwarded financial studies to enhance the building of the stadium. These individuals should be held responsible for their projections otherwise what value do financial studies serve? If this quality of official is allowed to continue in public office, can we imagine what future pipe dreams they will bind ratepayers into? While most of Africa loves to admire the frugality and industries efficiency of Japan, China and South Korea, had this stadiums financial planning happened in those countries, heads would literally have rolled down the stadiums aisles.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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