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As humans age, rationality suggest that people learns from past mistakes and improve their conditions as one generation benefits from another. The process is termed human evolution.

Sadly, this is not always true even if it is logical.

Example, some people make conscious decisions to have faithful relations and limit their progeny. The idea is to provide the maximum spiritual, material etc. and other values to their progeny.

On the flip side of the coin, others choose to live as they please breeding as if the obligation of caring for, housing, feeding and educating their offspring is societies duty. This mindless copulation must be stopped as it represents a genuine sustainability problem for society.

When the least educated and those who make the minimum contribution towards the rates and tax base continue to have the most kids, problems will continue.

In our context, logic dictates that kids at a former Model C school have a much better chance of getting into university and enduring the entire process compared to a student from the Cape Flats.

This is based on a reality that the majority of kids at Model C schools do not have to dodge violence before, after or during school. Even where security is not a factor, resources remain a problem. That Cape Flats schools are overcrowded is not news. Sadly, government cannot invest more money into primary and secondary education especially since the calls for free tertiary education is growing.

The reality is that social problems do not start at school; it is inside the mentality of those who produce kids without any idea of what they are doing. When a couple copulates outside of an obligation, the problem begins. The birth of a child maybe a gift from God, but it is not a surprise.

We must refocus attention on responsible behavior. We need to bring ethical values based on Judaism, Christianity and Islam etc. back into the classroom. Since all values are based on truth, if Christianity is the major religion in South Africa then let genuine all-inclusive Christian values flow.

Godless secularism has failed as it is obvious from the inequality, corruption and disarray visible in our political and economic reality. The majority of South Africans continue to struggle in abject poverty and misery. African nationalism and communist rubbish talk has only brought despair.

We need God inside the classroom.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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