Regular interaction with the Imams regarding the relevance of the weekly sermon can result in a more effective message being sent from the mosque.Events and issues that affect the community must remain the primary address in the Friday Sermon.The concept of communalism [my community first] must remain relevant to every interaction between the mosque and the community.CMC will assist the relevant Imam on strategies and mechanisms to further advance his value to his community.Political and economic empowerment must be advocated and the mosque as a public platform must be utilized to commit to the program. For example, if the Imam is requested to encourage the sale of an item because the factory employs 20 Muslim women, he should ensure that those in attendance understand that the income of those women is dependent on the necessary sales. Consequently the request to support the initiative, assumes a religious duty (fard kifayah).The entire community must be made to comprehend that without local support, the factory would close and those women would be unemployed.A pioneering philosophy of “proudly Cape Town” should begin to unravel. The concept is not based on race, ethnicity or culture but rather on a sense of dignity and awareness of a proud history of Islam in the Cape. As a community with its own particular brand of tolerant Islam” we should promote our concepts of openness, tolerance and graciousness that have attracted sincere believers from other communities towards Islam.


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