Political Influence

Almost two thirds of potential voters in the Metropole do not vote regularly.Almost a third of voters live on the Cape Flats, another third in Khayelischa and the other third in the rest of the Metropole. Most non-voters are brown people living on the Cape Flats, the majority in Mitchell’s Plain.Many non-voters are Muslim. The Metropole has an estimated 900 000 Muslims out of a population of 4.5 million, that is about 20%.With 100 000 votes the Cape Muslim Congress could secure 10 seats in a municipal election, 3 seats in the National Parliament and 3 in the Province.As activists the CMC could positively influence the processes to develop and repair the politics, economics and social problems of our society.The CMC could strengthen our communities through accountable, quality service delivery and by rebuilding the broader ideals with programs that restore dignity and living conditions free of fear.Through proactive campaigns the CMC could further strengthen the community by developing a more holistic quality of leaders within the broader framework of our society.


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