For multi-party democracy to be a success, society requires more than two parties and a robust ethical opposition. With the re-election of Maruis Fransman, the inclusion of Andile Lilli and the communication portfolio under Yonela Diko the ANC is certainly serving DA arrogance in the Cape.

Recently a young woman posted what some consider a homophobic comment on Facebook. Acting UCT SRC president Zizipho Pae was vilified by the media, as if she slew a child. Her words “we are institutionalising and normalising sin! May God have mercy on us”, were held to be a crime.

While our constitution attempts to be everything to everyone, globally there are billions of Jews, Christians, Muslims and others that consider homosexuality a sin. If Zizipho is a homophobe then so is every practicing Jew, Christian and Muslim etc. Instead of fixing ANC municipalities that fail to get clean audits and are mired in corruption, in “It is time to challenge the Bible” Yonela Diko questions the Bible on homosexuality. Why stop there, Yonela must know also query the Torah and Quraan.

Since our constitution makes homosexuality okay, does not suggest that Jews and millions of local Christians, Muslims and other voters embrace this edict. Did those who wrote the constitution consult voters when they banned the death penalty or indorsed homosexuality?

Annually 16 000 people are murdered in S-Africa and the state cannot stop this or protect the innocent. Ironically the ANC refuses to reinstate the death penalty. When gays are victimised in townships, biopics are made and it is global news. When non-gays are killed it is held as normal.

Journalists embedded in the media in pursuit of the gay agenda as referred to by President Putin must develop some perspective. The gay mafia as referred to by actor Sean Hayes in “Will and Grace” an American sitcom series, must think in context. Very often they behave like the local Zionist mafia that attempts to obliterate anyone that says anything critical about Israel even if it is the truth.

Ironically the trouble that some people have with gay people is that it seems as if gays want more rights than other people. They want to be regarded as “especially disadvantaged” like some African elite who believe that because of Apartheid and colonialism, they are entitled to steal from taxpayers.

Maybe the “adultery society” (if it exists) must organise a protest thru town to state “adultery is okay”. Religion has given adultery a hard time over centuries with stoning and all. For age’s bosses bonking workers have been frowned on.

Since practicing Jews, Christians, Muslims and others regard homosexuality as a sin does not imply that we all automatically hate gays. Since we all sin in one way or another, Abrahamic wisdom teaches that God will be the collective and final judge. The difference is that most people do not promote, justify or publish sin. We try to quietly mend our way and hope God forgives our faults.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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