There is much beauty in this world and often we forget this truth. It seems as if the squalor of our close reality is resolute to ruin much of the majesty that God its creator wants us to see.

What is required is to search for this beauty and splendour beyond our direct reality and remind others that, battling our context, past the adverse there is redemption and mercy.

“Hallelujah” is a Hebrew word which means “Glory to the Lord”. Equally, “Subhanallah” is an Arabic word also meaning “Glory to the Lord”. 

In his song “Hallelujah” Leonard Cohen chronicles the tale of King Saul, David and Sampson and how they fell from grace. King Saul and David under the guidance of Prophet Samuel were chosen by God to lead the world towards monotheism and instil a milieu of justice.

Sadly, both envoys chose their desires above the order of God. The story of Saul, David and Sampson is one of deceit, redemption and mercy. The song “Hallelujah” explores the grief of Saul after God removes his mercy and Saul is plagued by a ubiquitous evil. According to early texts, it is the sacred music inspired by God and induced by David that eases Saul’s relentless anguish and allows Saul to feel the mercy of God that he yearns for. 

Now that Pres Donald Trump of the USA and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has decided how they will divide the world, it is vital for regular people to study history and observe what ensued with those who had great power and wealth but used it erroneously.

What other leaders must understand is that in the end, they have a specific duty to care for those that are under their jurisdiction. Those who seek leadership and then attain leadership must know that they will be held answerable by God on a higher level than a regular person.

Historically there were many Pharaoh’s, Monarchs, Sultan’s and others who believed they would exist forever. Today most are remembered for their cruelty.

In the end virtuous actions, truth and justice will prevail. Everything else in time will fade.

The creator is beautiful and loves beauty.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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