Finally matters are moving beyond words and into social action. The Cape Argus headline “Law to hold bars liable for drunks” is most welcome and the objections by “The Free Market Foundation exposes this organisations insincerity for the well-being of our society as a collective.

If the City of Cape Town is able to fine hundreds of motorists for parking in bicycle lanes, why can law enforcement not apply to businesses that serve inebriated clients who then wreak havoc on the road?

“The Free Market Foundation must spend time with the quadriplegic victims whose lives have been ruined by drunk drivers. It is ironic that The Free Market Foundation regards holding tavern owners liable for the actions of their patrons as an injustice, yet has never spoken out against drunk driving.

For too long society has remained silent while those who use others for self-enrichment use the law and their alleged freedom to subjugate. When a drunkard is encouraged to drink so that some can profit, where is the logic? When drunkards injure others, it is the taxpayer who pays via a petrol increase to sponsor the Road Accident Fund. This Fund has the duty to care for the injured innocent.

All this happens while the drunk driver walks away often free of liability and the tavern owner makes a healthy profit. By what moral code must we as a society allow this insanity to prevail?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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