Wisdom is a gift

A wise man once said, it is better to be hurt by the truth than to be consoled by deceit and lies.

So if you seek truth, truth will find you. Also truth, tends not keep company with the unworthy.

As governments unpack the money to restart the global economy, I must ask, what is going to change? Are they going to re-establish the inequality where a few rule the rest of us like kings?

Locally, is the plan to return to a system where the majority are limited to dwell in townships filled with squalor and futility where shebeens and drug houses are believed to be a usual part of life?

Also, will our wealthy elite now benefit from taxpayer’s in the form of bail-outs? When they were profiteering and living large, did they not consider saving money for a rainy day like normal people? Will our economy return to the same people that have caused so much misery? Where is the value in that? When the wealthy spend millions on a luxury, must our taxes now continue helping them?

Struggling home owners ask, why bankers feel pleased with a 2% cut in the lending rate when banks make their profits 1000% over the lending period? How can this be a rational economic system?

Who decides, who gets a bail out or is this another “set-up” where billions will disappear similar to the Arms Deal or the Gupta scandals? What happened to corruption at Nkandla or the R50 billion spend on empty stadiums? Where are the billions in taxpayer’s monies that have been wasted over the past decades? Why in God’s name, is not a single corrupt business person or politician in prison?

Where is the mercy, the humanity from our business and political leaders for the children that are thirsty and dirty as the money for water pipes have been stolen? Why must a child go and sleep hungry when we have some of the largest deposits of gold, diamonds and platinum in the world?

Across the globe, the poor are asking God why they must suffer? They ask why business and political leaders are so cruel and wicked? Why so much deceit and why do those who speak the most about the poor use every chance to steal from the poorest of the poor? Dignified people are asking God, why they must quee like animals for food because of the ineptitude of those in authority?

In retrospect, Corona is not just a virus; it is exposing the matrix generated by the elite as an illusion.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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