I have known Cllr Ian Iversen for over 15years and recognise him as a gentlemen and a hard worker. Although we may be far apart politically and serve very different constituencies, Cllr Iversen, in my opinion is one of the most consistent and hardest working Councillors that I have encountered?

While he serves the most comfortable sectors of this city, it is this quality of service I believe has gotten him into trouble. In my experience, wealthier people are less concerned with hard core issues like access to water, electricity and basic sanitation. Their issues are more aesthetic and concern the quality of their immediate environment which is entirely within their rights since they pay serious rates.

This well-being of this environment, the wealthy regard as an integral right and often defend it at any cost, which includes going to court and so on. Thus, when a municipal decision does not go in their general favour, they regard it as personal.

A fellow councillor who operates in a parallel wealthy constituency once remarked to me that some ratepayers think that they own Councillors like slaves. When the ratepayer calls they expect you to drop everything and run to their house as if their immediate concern is the only thing on your agenda.

Those who may be revelling in the dilemma and anguish of Cllr Ian Iversen should note that they could do far worse. After many years of loyal service to his constituency, they should cut him some slack. He has endured many years at municipal level and unlike many other politicians he has a wealth of experience. He has also shown no signs of careerism and has stayed put, not seeking higher office in parliament and so on.

To those who insist on carrying grudges, I refer to Oscar Wilde who said “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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