Some time ago, I was attending the monthly braai held at the Azzavia Mosque in Walmer Estate when a friend hurried passed. He was rushing towards the corner shop worried that the Cape Argus may have been sold out. According to this friend, he cannot sleep at night without reading his daily Argus. It then occurred to me, the valued role that the Argus plays in the life of this city and its surroundings. The only tangible contact that Bishops-Court often has with Bishop Lavis is by means of the Argus. Decades ago during Apartheid when the media was restricted from reporting the brutality of life in the townships, those living on the Cape Flats may as well have lived on Mars. There was no relationship between what occurred in Constantia’s Hills and what ensued in Lavender Hill. Although many in Clifton may not care what happens in Kraaifontein at least the Argus makes the info and events available. In my opinion the Argus creates cohesion and establishes debates that political parties cannot. Since politics by its essence and nature is fractious and divisive, ordinary people view any political activity with suspicion. This makes nation building through political structures tenuous. Besides the desire to make a profit, I believe the Argus needs to ensure that it maintains its role of building bridges across communities and cultures. Therefore when those who moan about Muslims and Jews or politicians who write letters to the editor, I say, so what. At least this deliberation is taking place, unlike in some places where tyranny or political correctness has stifled reality into obfuscation. The Argus allows Jews, Christians and Muslims to have a candid debate about a common religious history and experiences even when we deny this to ourselves. Critics may argue that the Argus is not a medium for religious dialog. Since I suspect that more people read the Argus than the Torah, Bible and Quraan on a daily basis, what better way to familiarise sceptics with God than thru the Argus. While we may not always like what others have to say, at least we have the freedom to say it. In the words of Khaled Hosseini “it is better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.” In conclusion, if the Argus can now ensure that Sue’s 5-day weather report make sense. Last Friday she predicted Mondays temp at 22 when in reality it was 32 degrees, wrong day for a jersey. Cllr Yagyah Adams Cape Muslim Congress

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