Need to blame God is based on ignorance

Once again Gary James provides proof that he lacks the basic critical analytical skills.

The letter by Mr. James on Thursday, reveals his desperation to blame the God of Abraham for everything that goes wrong. In his letter Mr. James attacks Stuart Diamond Executive Director (Cape) South Africa Jewish Board of Deputies. Mr. Diamond provided clear evidence that white right-wing terrorism was and remains a much greater threat than terrorists who pretend to be Islamists.

Since both writers use statistic to attest claims, I will provide alternate statistics.

More people are killed on South African roads annually than by so-called Islamic terrorists globally.

More people are murdered in South Africa annually than by so-called Islamic terrorists globally.

Nyanga on the Cape Flats is more dangerous than the war zone in Yemen or Iraq or Afghanistan. 

More people are killed by greed, drugs, alcohol, gangsters and adultery than all the religious wars.

About 100 million people were killed by the communist Stalin and his Godless followers. Similarly, WW 2 was less about religion and more about territorial expansion. Even today, most wars are sustained because of oil, arrogance, greed and stupidity and have very little to do with God. 

In his fanatic zeal to ensure that Islam is held liable for global conflict, Gary attacks Mr. Diamond rather rudely. Mr. James cannot tolerate the idea that a Jewish leader may have considered the needless blame that Muslims endure because of fake info or frauds posing as Muslims.

It is vital to clarify the deceit that is often spread about Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It cannot be normal that those who seek to hide their evil intent can lay the blame for every horror in history at the doors of the Abrahamic faiths and expect believers to remain silent. For centuries evil people pretending to follow the Torah, Bible and Quran has brought shame upon innocent Jews, Christians and Muslims in an attempt to ridicule monotheism and insult the Creator.

When leader inspire conflict and not self-defense, their motive must be probed. With justice at its core the Torah, Bible and Quran, must remain the soul of all governance. Though Jews, Christians and Muslims have differences, we must be aware of those who seek to divide us and create conflict.

The ideals of responsible capitalism and consultative democracy is required provided that these ideals do not contradict the divine revelation. We have enough problems in South Africa and the drivel of Mr. James is not useful in developing a cohesive society.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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