The American expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic envoys must be measured an incredible act of hypocrisy. For decades the USA have directly interfered with government elections across the globe.

For the USA to claim that Russia interfered with Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump via hacking without providing any evidence is breathtaking in its duplicity. It is common logic that American elections have been historically rigged in favor of “establishment candidates” and that candidates from the environmental sector or other parties hardly receive any media coverage or funding.

For example, to secure Israel the USA arranged the coup against a democratically elected Pres. Morsi of Egypt jeopardizing the nascent growth of democracy in the entire Middle-East. The Arab Spring was a project of Pres. Bush and it was entirely designed to replace old dictators with new dictators to serve the USA. The USA organized and unleashed so-called “Islamic State” to neutralize Assad of Syria and Hezbollah and terrorize people across the region and give Muslims a bad name globally.

Since Israeli arrogance and American neo-imperialism is increasing, the future of the world is less secure. Climate change and global poverty is not a priority. Already the USA is preparing for war with China. The bombastic attitude of Donald Trump makes it obvious that war is on the horizon.

With Iran and Russia seeming to be victorious in Syria and with Turkey turning away from the USA, regular people of the Middle East struggle to liberate themselves from their neo-colonial Arab masters who take instructions from the west. The USA in truth inferences relentlessly in democratic processes even destroying democracies to enhance US hegemony.

The USA has been at war nonstop since World War Two to ensure its global hegemony regardless of democracy or what regular people need to survive. War not for the sake of freedom or democracy. War not for the sake of honor or glory but war for the sake of wealth accumulation for a few elites.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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