The Pathan, a people of destiny

Afghanistan has once again, proven to be a graveyard for an empire.

Three modern empires have failed to conquer Afghanistan, land of the mythical Pathan people.

Since my paternal ancestry is Pathan, what transpires in my ancestral homeland, matters.

The USA is exiting Afghanistan after twenty years, its longest war that cost trillions of dollars. More than 2000 Americans were killed and at least 100,000 Afghan civilians were injured or killed.

After the 11 Sept 2001, attacks in America, Osama Bin Laden a former CIA operative and al-Qaeda leader was blamed. The Taliban, who governed Afghanistan and protected Bin Laden, refused to give bin Laden to the USA based on a lack of evidence and the arrogant way in which the USA demanded.


A month after 9/11, without attempts at mediation etc. or consideration for innocent civilians, the USA attacked Afghanistan. The USA had not learnt from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.


Ironically, it was the Pathan mujahedeen, that was helped by the USA, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia etc. who ruined and initiated dismantling the godless Soviet communist empire after its defeat in 1989.


After the Soviet withdrew, the civil war continued. In the chaos that followed, the Taliban, which means “students” in the Pashto language, originated. They ascended to create order from the chaos.


Historically, the first Anglo-Afghan War was from 1838 until 1842 where British colonialism met with disastrous defeat. The second attempt was from 1878 until 1880. The third Anglo-Afghan War was in 1919. After this third and final defeat, humiliated, Britain began losing control over its global empire.


The USA defeat by the Pathan will usher in a “new age” as the US is financially and militarily crippled. The USA was shamed by the Pathan who don’t’ own a single military aircraft or any serious weapons.


The lesson is simple. The Pathan can survive on little food and water. They can endure the killing of family and ruin of their homeland. They can fight with basic weapons against any military aggression.


The Pathan are linked to the lineage of the tribe of Benjamin, brother of Prophet Joseph and that of Alexander the Great and his Macedonian Generals. The Pathan are innately warriors by instinct. The Pathan are a mythical people and have a destiny shaped by God Almighty for a far greater purpose.


Since, the humble Pathan have defeated three major empires, history and logic suggests that God Almighty does not favour the might of military or financial strength. God does not like the oppressor.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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