Darkness looms

On Friday night, my family and I attended a School fundraiser in Surrey Estate. The event was well planned, the venue and décor was beautiful and the guests were eager for the social evening.

Just after 8pm, guests were seated for the main meal when darkness embraced the venue. ESKOM had struck. Fortunately, the organizers were prepared. The tables had candles and a generator was ready. The candles made the venue pleasant but the generator forced speakers to raise their voices.

On Saturday morning, my family and I attended the Azzavia Mosque Bazaar in Walmer Estate when ESKOM struck. The organizers were clever and had arose early to prepare the food that was for sale.

On Sunday morning my family and I attended a wedding at Gatesville Mosque and later the brides home. The caterers had planned ahead and had the food prepared just before ESKOM struck, again.

On Sunday mid-afternoon my family and I visited the Claremont Pick ‘n Pay when we noted a haze inside the shop. According to the staff the haze was caused by generators as ESKOM struck, again.

Sunday night at 8pm drafting this letter in the dark, I considered the damage that ESKOM was doing to our economy and the confidence of our nation. Since ESKOM inflicts gloom as it pleases, folk are averse to attend early and late prayers at Mosque. The violence in society has ensured that folk are mindful of the dark. Criminals use darkness to their advantage are probably most grateful to ESKOM.

How did it come to this, where a few useless people at ESKOM threats our national welfare?

A nation of 55 million is held captive and made to suffer because of a few corrupt politicians. Even when taxpayers submit and bail out ESKOM with billions the absurdity and abuse continues.

Those involved in crippling ESKOM remain free whilst our nation exists on the brink of an abyss. The ESKOM board, consultants, lawyers, accountants etc. who ruined ESKOM continue to get paid.

Where is the justice for the poor of Manenberg and Mitchells Plain? Is this what our future holds, where a few politicians and their associates can steal from taxpayers and not be held accountable?

Why are the three leading parties fighting to rule Johannesburg, Pretoria and Nelson Mandela Bay when it is obvious from history, they have limited interest in serving the ratepayers in those cities?

Are voters learning anything from this political “comedy of errors” taking place in the shadows?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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