The politics of betrayal

According to Timothy, Bible verse 6:10 “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”.

The betrayal of the Kurdish people by the United States is ironic since it is not the first time.

Decades ago, the United States incited and armed minorities in Iraq to revolt against Saddam Hussain. This ensued after Saddam assumed he had “permission” to invade Kuwait. Kuwait needed a remainder that their sovereignty relied on American protection.

After the Americans left with the all the oil, gold, antiquities and luxury goods they could carry, the minorities that collaborated (including the Kurds) was left defenseless against Saddam’s wrath.  

After a decade of misery and another US invasion, Saddam was killed and Islamic State was created by Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton with the help of some Arab States. After some fighting, Iraq was gifted to Iran as the Russians intervened and this fueled the chaos that continues to unfold. This includes the Syrian war and the fight between the Arab States and Iran. Some rejoice as chaos in the Middle East thrives and the American military complex profits as innocent people continue to suffer.

To ensure conflict, troops have now been redeployed from Syria to Arabia. The Kurds did not learn from the initial US betrayal and will now, suffer for supporting the USA. The empty threats from Pres. Trump is trickery since Turkey has tacit US consent to attack Kurds. Turkey would not invade Syrian territory without consent, just like Saddam did not invade Kuwait without tacit USA consent.

Historically, Pres. Obama tolerated the attempt to assassinate of Pres. Erdogan of Turkey in a failed coup. Pres. Erdogan has since moved into the Russian sphere of influence. When Pres. Trump was elected, he retarded the program of killing other leaders which US presidents enjoyed. Gaddafi of Libya, Saddam of Iraq, Osama bin Laden and many Afghans are some leaders, killed by the USA.

Who cares about climate change when people are killed and profits are made from selling bullets.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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