Evil increases when good people are silent

The “letters to the editor” page is vital as the varied views give insight into contemporary thought.

Example, South African is one of the most beautiful and ironically one of the most unsafe places.

There are countless examples, where life is endangered without any justifiable reason. If stranded with car failure especially on the N2, you could be killed. A surfer goes to Fish Hoek beach, on return, he is hijacked and burnt-out inside his car. A truck or bus driver is stoned or petrol bombed. Thugs shoot casually on the Cape Flats and women and a children are killed in a park, on the street or at school. Rich, poor, white, black and brown, rural and urban anyone can become a victim. There are few safe suburbs as you can be robbed anywhere. Inside your car, a bus, a train you can be attacked.

The chance to be killed casually must be stopped. Random violence can never become normal.

Premediated crimes are soaring. While this reflects an increase in the moral bankruptcy of a society, it is a global phenomenon. Random acts of violence are not. To regain control, drastic action is vital.

Our political leaders over the past decades, seem unable to manage the crime, yet refuse to consider the death penalty. Ironically during the worst years of Apartheid the crime rate was much lower. What makes matters worst is that senior politicians and those responsible for safety and security in South Africa are too busy with their own agenda’s (whatever that may be) instead of reducing crime.

While we struggle with politicians and officials unable to do their jobs, at least the death penalty will help save taxpayer’s money on housing, feeding and medically caring for cruel and brazen killers.

The 20 000 people killed in 2018 and the 20 000 killed in 2017 indicates that our society is abnormal.

While human dignity is vital, it seems as if our legalists and human rights activists are more worried about the killers well-being and not the grieving family of the murdered person. Communities must pressure their MPs to reintroduce the death penalty debate. As drastic times require drastic action.

We need the death penalty to save South Africa.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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