Guidance required

Centuries ago Muhamad the prophet said, do not say words today, that will cause you regret, tomorrow”. He also said that there is no value in coveting, desiring what God has given another.

These words have troubled me since the recent election as some folks who were utterly useless as Councillors have ascended to provincial and national parliament.

It is worrying because the evidence advises that some folk were absent for municipal meetings 50% of the time. When attending they often came late or left early, rarely saying anything of value.

It is sad as they have access to power but are useless to parliament as they lack workable skills.

Example, as the Chairman of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee I advised the leader of a party to replace its Councillor as he rarely attended meetings. Ironically the replacement was equally unreliable. The excuses were similar “busy campaigning”. What is the point in having representation in Council or Parliament, but you cannot do the job as you lack skills or are too busy campaigning?

This situation reminds me of a dog that chases a car and when the car stops the dog is confused then chases a different car.

The same folk encouraged MyCiti staff to strike. When the strikers were fired, that was the end of it. In the meantime, schedules were disrupted, buses were wrecked and chaos reigned. Sadly, now the jobless strikers gather silently on the concrete steps near the main terminus whilst the Councillor who led them, is seated on leather embossed seats in parliament eating subsidized 3 course meals.

Many “pro-poor activists” who regularly speak of the “poorest of the poor” in Council cannot help the poor as they lack skills to debate coherently and they lack knowledge on budget processes etc.

The question is, should we “out” and expose useless politicians by listing their lack of education, skills and ability or will this be considered as jealousy and envy? If “outing” is measured regrettable, how must voters decide between fake and genuine abled leaders who they must vote into power?

Does ability and capacity matter within our politics or are we happy to vote for those who scream popular things and make promises which they cannot fulfill due to inability or pie in the sky thinking?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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