Abrahamic epistemology infers that the first people who will enter Hell are those who fought to ostensibly establish justice on earth. The reason for their condemnation is that they were insincere and did not do so to honor the Creator but sought respect for their bravery and secretly hoped that memorials be built in their honor. The second group are religious scholars who pursued knowledge to secure applause and adulation. The third are the wealthy who donate for nefarious reasons.

During Apartheid, oppressed people spent much energy praying to the Creator to liberate South Africa from the induced poverty and racist abuse. Today many people feel betrayed by those who fooled us into believing that they were “inspired” by the nobility of the “struggle”. Today we witness the greed of the “struggle activists”. We see the conflicts amid former liberation movements and observe how “comrades” ruin each other for self-enrichment. With billions stolen, voters must treat “struggle politicians” with caution as many of them were and remain imposters and fake.

Secondly we witness many religious leaders accused of sexual abuse etc. The Nigerian pastor who allegedly raped 60 girls may be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the antics of some religious leaders. While the majority of us have complete faith in our Creator, we must treat some, asserting to embody the Creators message, with caution. Just because they appear righteous, does not make them righteous. While all of us error, rape is not an error but a material and spiritual crime. Thus when a Rabbi, Pastor or Imam commits a crime, they must be treated like criminals.

We should also be cautious about the way in which we adulate the wealthy who donate with the hope that they must receive special treatment etc. Ordinary people often admire and quote the words of the wealthy, yet have no clue how that money was earned. The agenda especially when the wealthy donate to political and religious causes are also rarely explained.

When you sell drugs or engage in criminal activities like fraud and rigging contracts you cannot buy salvation by building a synagogue, church or mosque. While the wealthy are able to buy politicians and religious leaders, the Creator is not for sale and in the end the Creator will be the final judge.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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