The proposed “Zuma Personality Disorder”

As a university graduate with a major in psychology and a minor in political science, I would like the therapeutic community to consider registering the “Zuma Personality Disorder” as a likely disorder.

Disclaimer, please note that the disorder is a mixture of psychology and politics and requires the skills of professionals that have a background in psychology and politics at a higher level of study.

Allow me to explain the projected likely signs and symptoms of a “Zuma Personality Disorder”.

Firstly, never accept any accountability for any or all of your historic, current or future utterances or overall behavior. This implies, you must always have excuses available to blame everything on something or someone else. Blaming colonialism, Apartheid and even slavery for your behavior is a good start. This distracts many people and will shut up white people quickly, as white fear of being accused of racism is a good strategy. It also works well on Indians but somehow not on colored’s.

Secondly, deny the truth and reality and ensure you create enough doubt around any issue relevant or irrelevant. When enough people are sufficiently confused continue to create doubt around just about anything. This includes saying a lot of words that basically mean nothing at the same time.

Thirdly, never directly answer a question asked and always obfuscate and generate melodrama to inspire hatred towards the person asking a tough question. Always try and illicit sympathy towards you. You could also suggest or infer that the questioner is an agent of a foreign government or an Apartheid spy. Create just enough doubt but never provide any genuine evidence whatsoever. Especially if you don’t have evidence. The key is to create confusion and sympathy at the same time.

Fourthly, always have angry people around you with weapons. Include the traditional spear, machete or a hand-gun. Allow the angry people to make dangerous but vague threats about the option of limitless violence. Remember, to create overall fear and panic is your overall objective.

Fifthly, get some unimportant friends who desire to become famous like Al Jamaa leader and Carl Niehaus to go onto radio and TV and talk about what a fantastic and innocent person you are etc. The credibility of those praising you is irrelevant as long as they are white or Indian. They will create the idea, you have friends that are not all violent Zulus, and that other people will also die for you.

Please note that my proposed “Zuma Personality Disorder” is a work in progress.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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