Zuma must be punished

The adage, “we are all equal before the law” is misleading and dishonest.

The wealthy and politically connected have and will always enjoy special treatment.

Example, recently a wealthy preacher from Malawi, in trouble with our law, escaped from South Africa. Authorities want locals to think the preachers escape was a miracle. Logic submits he paid to escape. The preacher vanished at the time the Pres. of Malawi visited South Africa on a private jet.

What former Pres Zuma did to South Africa, even Apartheid struggled for decades to achieve.

Pres. Zuma ruined our national reputation. The world now knows that blacks are just as corrupt and wicked like whites during Apartheid. The liberation movement lost the moral high ground which took 100 years of sacrifice to establish. Mandela carried the moral high ground and Zuma ruined it.

South Africa is no longer the darling of the world. We do not shine as a beacon of responsible and accountable governance. We are like any other African country where the rich exploit the poor and the politically linked steal from the public. Our global image is ruined and we are no longer special.

Governance was not perfect under Mandela or Mbeki. But both men had stature and upheld dignity.

Zuma had limited interest in the reputation of our nation. Zuma cares only for himself and his allies and inspired the decline of good governance. The corruption and irresponsible governance under Zuma’s hurt the reputation of our nation globally and has created massive unemployment.

When regular criminal witnesses such conduct from a president, criminals are inspired. A criminal is different from an average innocent person. A criminal is like an animal that senses wicked prospect.

Beyond the legalities of corruption etc. Zuma inspired criminal that prey on innocent defenseless people. The murderer and drug dealer etc. became shameless as law enforcement weakened.

For allowing innocent people to suffer at the hands of criminals, Zuma must pay. If this does not happen, criminals will continue disregarding the law. Our nation will spiral deeper into crime and vigilante justice will increase. Vigilante justice is an act of desperation and signals a failed state.

The selfish ego of one man cannot supersede the wellbeing of an entire nation, God is watching?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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