Victor Gordon “Every country has its hassles” Cape Points December 24 continuous with a classic Zionist tactic of deflecting and not answering questions. In his desire to whitewash Zionist corruption of the Holy Land he seeks to throw dirt on Arab countries. Victor should note that it is Israeli Human Rights organisations that claim that little is done to combat the trafficking of Jewish women into sexual slavery. Victor shares an attitude common amongst Zionists and Islamic extremist, once they adopt an opinion, scientific proof and reality become irrelevant. To defend Zionist corruption, he falsely propagates that sex trafficking is rampant in the Muslim world.
Victor also understands the Tier system incorrectly as Israeli trafficking relates to sexual exploitation and Arab exploitation relates to cheap labour. Arab employers underpay Muslim Bangladeshi and Indian males while Israelis are sexually exploiting Christian European and Israeli Jewish women. Though both behaviours are deplorable they are very different crimes. For Victor to suggest that all countries have problems is correct but Israel is a new state with a small population, this makes the thousands of trafficked women a statistical anomaly. How did Israel become corrupt so quickly?
As an advocate for constitutional democracy which includes a bill of rights I resent Arabism or governance by oligarchy. Victor should know that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait etc. are creations of British colonialism. Unlike Israel which claims to be the standard bearer for democracy in the Middle East, most Arab states are family owned. The primary duties of the Arab royal families are to maintain the flow of oil and gas profits to the oligarchies in the West. In exchange they receive military protection from the United States and its allies, against their own citizens and other threats. In a nut shell, like Zionism, the Arab royal families are in my opinion an extension of the US global imperial system or rule by oligarchy.
Since Victor shared the Quranic verse of ‘speaking the truth at all costs’, I suggest that he consider Israel at this stage in history to be the worst enemy of righteous Jewish people. With its history of violence and its continued abuse of Palestinians and Jewish women, Jews are globally regarded as pariahs. Since Zionists are incapable of speaking about anything besides their own suffering it seems as if they have they learnt little from 5000 years of Jewish history. Victor should read Deuteronomy, where God speaks of his obligation and why God chose the progeny of Abraham. Victor should consider what role, if any, Zionists have in fulfilling this covenant with God.
Cllr Yagyah Adams
Cape Muslim Congress

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