To understand why the ANC has and will continue to lose elections one does not have to look far.

The headline “My son died protecting me” August 15th is an example of the anarchy that pervades society. A mother is attacked while walking her kids to school and her 6 year old son is killed.

The killer will now be offered cheap bail and we will be told that is because he is poor. What poverty has to do with rape and the murder of a 6 year old will not be explained.

Across our nations criminals create and spread chaos amongst ordinary South Africans. Obsessed with a delusional human rights culture, the ANC permitted crime levels to reach epic proportion.

Few trust the judicial system as it is measured to favour the criminal. The police who spend years investigating matters are often astonished when dangerous criminals are let loose on technicalities or lenient sentences. Villains then return to their communities bragging that they “beat the system”. There seems little reason for victims or witnesses to testify as the conviction rates are often so low.

Voters could have forgiven the ANC for many things, the corruption, the theft, the nepotism; the stupidity and so on was tolerated for many years. What voters cannot forgive is when kids are killed by criminals intend on raping a mother walking her kids to school.

The ANC is in charge of the police and the entire criminal justice system and there is no-one else that has authority over issues of crime.

There are many ways in which to remove villains from society and protect the rate and taxpayer. The ANC has until 2019 to ensure safety and security for all. In the council meeting, the DA has already begun by singing their victory song for 2019. Even I was briefly captured by the energy of the song.

The ANC is running out of time. Bringing back the death penalty may help muster support in 2019.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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