At some point in life, we all ask ourselves the question, what is the purpose of my life?

According to Abrahamic epistemology, we were created to worship the Creator as originally prescribed in the Torah, Bible and Quran.

What is not common knowledge, is where we came from and where we go when our body perishes.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam etc. agrees that each human spirit existed elsewhere, before birth. On physical creation in our mother’s womb, each human spirit is carried by an angel and placed into the respective womb. This process initiates human life and is another reason why mothers deserve honor. Before the spirit is released into the womb, it is educated about its duty towards the Creator and creation. Thus the human soul contains endless knowledge, provided, that effort is made.

Problem arise when we are socialized into a world where knowledge of the Creator is neglected and where our milieu challenges our innate inclination towards worship. Often our environs subject us to poverty, suffering, hatred and so on. Thus we become alienated from our Creator and forget the oaths taken during our spiritual formation and also our accountable after death. Some reject the concept of a Creator and liability and live by their own rules, others pay lip service.

Thus chaos reigns as Jews, Christians and Muslims etc. who claim to worship the Creator, wage war. We murder, rape, pillage, enslave and oppress each other with limited mercy and unlimited cruelty.

In time when the material body returns to the soil, our spirit must return from whence it came. In that realm the only currency accepted, are our good actions and our sincere worship.

To conclude. Each one of us, are tested with individual challenges. Some are financial, others mental or spiritual etc. The challenge is to protect our return journey towards our Creator by limiting the harm we cause in this life. Our success or failure is dependent on our genuine intention and actions.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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