When is enough, enough?

Qualification, capacity, experience and culpability are critical qualities in any leadership.

Example, to operate a refuse truck or a bus, a qualification is required. Oddly, we have people in government who hold high offices with very limited understanding of what is needed from them.

This is the only possible explanation beside outright corruption and wickedness that can explain why some political leaders establish multi-million-rand project which fail dismally. To add injury to insult these people then create more projects that also fail, as if the loss of taxpayer’s money is acceptable.

The situation is critical since the ineptness has reached a global audience. Recently the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia donated food parcels to South Africans. Do we as a nation have no shame or honor?

Is it acceptable to take food parcels from other nations when our political leaders buy imported sports cars with bags of unexplained cash? Why must Africans always be the recipients of food parcels, standing in lines like beggars, whilst billions are stolen from our government coffers?

Why must the “Gift of the Givers” supply municipalities with water drilling expertise and food parcels? Where are the engineers that work with our military and other state departments?

In the Free State province there has been many, many failed projects. Nobody was or is held liable. The Auditor General gave up after trying to get to the bottom of the incompetence and corruption.

Thus, those liable get away and continue with their incompetence and corruption.

How is it possible that the Free State Housing Department cannot explain why a R450 million Social Housing project remains incomplete, derelict and vandalized 5 years are it started?

In 2010 it was decided that the Ramkraal Prison would be converted into the Free State Legislature. A R100 million and 10 years later, the site is an abandoned pile of rubble. Nobody knows what happen to the money? Those liable for the wastage and corruption moved onto higher office.

In the words of the wise, criminals will not stop with criminality until they are caught and punished.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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