Mass migration to Europe, Britain and the North America is a vital political tool

The historic foreign policy of Britain, Europe and North American towards Africa, the Middle East and South America etc. is basically racist and inspires corruption, degradation and humiliation etc.

Whenever there is hope in Africa, the Middle East, Asia or South America, we find westerners undermining peace and progress. It seems as if brown and black people will not be permitted to progress and the only system that is tolerated, is a neo-colonial “Western lackey”. This system allows the “West” to assert that brown and black people are unable to govern themselves without chaos.

Example, the murder of the first democratically elected Pres. Morsi of Egypt is already forgotten. The military coup leader General Sisi is embraced by the “West” although thousands of innocent people suffer in prison. Who cares about democracy and freedom as long as General Sisi serves the “West”.

When Pres. Mbeki governed, he was constantly harassed. Pres. Mbeki threatened the idea that all black leaders were ignorant, lustful and corrupt. Mbeki’s dream of a “African Renaissance” was ruined by those who helped Pres. Zuma. Western media degraded Mbeki and helped Pres. Zuma although many knew that Zuma was uneducated, lustful and corrupt etc. and a danger to decency. 

Western nations fear a capable and stable Africa. That is why war is incited to keep Africans fighting.

Africans will not be allowed safety and security since Africa’s resources can only be stolen with the help of corrupt leaders and overall instability. That is why Boko Haram and the other criminal must not be allowed to represent Islam in any way. Those who kidnap children for ransom are criminals.

The religion of a criminal is irrelevant, otherwise we must mention the religion of every criminal first.

The refugee invasion of Europe, Britain and North America by Africans etc. is required. The “West” must learn that they cannot benefit from dictators and military junta’s whilst the innocent suffer.

As long as the USA interferes in South America, poor people must enter the USA. Poor Africans and Arabs etc. must enter Europe and Britain until the Europeans and British who incite war, stop wars.

Stealing the wealth of Africa and the Middle East etc. and assisting brutal undemocratic regimes must stop. The “West” must stop helping corrupt Arabs families as they serve western interests.

Dignity is a divine human right. There is no need for so many people to live like animals because a few people want to live like Kings when the Creator has given such abundance from Heaven above.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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