Corruption is our new enemy

In the various Housing Department across our nation, at the Unemployment Fund (UIF) at the Department of Public Works and so on, the corruption and stupidity is awful. Reports advise that in Limpopo the state paid R65 000 for a shack. Officials at the UIF are suspended as corruption surges. 

As our nation reels from the Covid19 pandemic, corruption increases. This indicates that politicians and officials etc. that steal, have no sympathy for the suffering. There is a deep contempt for those who require genuine government help by those who are in a position to protect the vulnerable.

Selling PPE with mark-ups of 800% is “okay” as contracts are given to the “politically connected”.

The point is, as a nation we cannot permit the continued abuse of the rate and taxpayer. So, what must be done, as the corrupt are “politically connected” and thus protected from genuine justice.

The answer is, do not support the political parties from where the corrupters originate or who protect the corrupt. Only when voters punish political party as a whole, then will action be taken. It is obvious that the political party must receive benefit from the corruption. That is the only possible reason why the political party do not act decisively against those responsible for the corruption etc.

Voters must remember those involved in the corruption and with whom they are linked. Then, at election time, the voter must simply vote for another party.

Democracy is our weapon against the corrupt. South Africa has survived colonialism, Apartheid and much more. As a nation, we have the historical pedigree and strength to triumph over this pandemic of corruption. We must remove those political parties from authority that tolerate corruption.

We need a renewed and genuine democratic revolution without the violence or radical upheaval. A change without needless conflict. Voting for another political party sends a undeniable message to all political parties that corruption is an evil like Apartheid that will not be tolerated in South Africa.

South Africans cannot allow a reality where people pay for electricity and then suffer black-outs. We cannot have a reality where a few live lavishly whilst the majority live like animals in filth and shacks.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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