Values can be described as ethics, principles, beliefs, standards and ideals etc. How we practice values, matters. Talking about values is trivial if we do not practice our values. This is often easier said than done. Most of us, struggle living our values as life is filled with trials as we are pursued by temptation and challenges. It requires a strong resolve to continually, do the right thing.

Oddly, amid us, are some who do not struggle with their belief. In truth, they have limited genuine values. So they pretend and play a role to fool others. While many of us sometime act to hide our errors or shortfalls, some do it to benefit themselves with outright and lasting dishonesty.

When an individual with limited ethics reaches the highest level of political, economic, social or religious leadership, then the entire community, society or nation could have a problem. The individual now has influence beyond himself and could impact and harm others.

The problem that must be measured is how does this type of unethical leader rise to such great heights? The answer lies with those who support, elect and help unethical leaders hide their lack of values from those who vote and who do not know any better.

Currently the ANC is considering a new leadership. The last time, they elected a person that was so deeply flawed that he obstinately sacrificed the welfare of a nation to enrich himself and his friends.

What the ANC failed to consider was what was in the interest of our nation. The ANC has an obvious choice in Cyril Ramaphosa as President and Lindiwe Sisulu as Deputy President. Also ANC members who profited from any corrupt relationship must not be allowed near instruments of influence. Time must run out for those who enrich themselves on the legacy of those who died for our democracy.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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