Having an education does not imply that you are able to think coherently on all matters.

Recently a few academics were pictured in the local media protesting against the “militarization” of the UCT campus. These academics want to reduce the police presence at UCT. The irony is that for the many months while the university was stuck in chaotic battles that raged often violently, the academics were missing in action. This brand of deceptive liberal hypocrisy must be exposed.

It does seem as if the handful of academics “who doth protest too late” are seeking attention.

For months there has been chaos at UCT which negatively impacted on the lives and futures of thousands of families across our nation. A few anarchists in the name of “Rhodes must fall” then “fees must fall” and who knows “what else must fall” next held the multitude at UCT to ransom.

Those who consider those activists as genuine revolutionaries must consider the following example:

A few weeks ago a young girl hastily evacuated a lecture hall as she was threatened with a bucket of human/animal waste? She was afraid because she uses public transport including a taxi, a train and a bus from Ottery to get to UCT. What choice did she have but run in fear?  She could have stood her ground and challenged “the anarchists” and then travelled home covered in waste. For the record, she comes from a single parent family and pays her own fees by working at clothing shops etc.

Now, where are those academics who do not want law enforcement on campus when young girls are manhandled and threatened. She is not privileged and came to study at UCT to better herself and her family condition. What right did those protesters have to create fear at an institution of learning and who was there to protect the constitutional rights of a frightened young girl?

The nitpicking academics against law and order at UCT, must stop seeking attention. Not every site or occasion must out of necessity be an opportunity for anarchists and protest to ensue.

Then again, in the words of the wise, when a dog bites a person it is not news but when a person bites a dog it is news.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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