Less than 200 years ago humans were bought and sold in Cape Town gardens. Although slavery was considered by the Bible as immoral, it was measured completely legal by the majority of society.

The Torah, Bible and Quran confirm that light will always overcomes darkness and the truth matters.

When we are dead and buried and angels come to question, there will be no lawyers to intercede. The individual must respond. There will be nobody to blame, as nobody else will be in attendance.  

Those who live lavishly off the efforts or fear of others will be grilled. Since everything we receive is measured a gift from God that can be taken whenever, we must be reminded not to abuse the gift.

Example, when a person is a brilliant doctor and has many patients, this does not imply he/she can charge crushing charges. The doctor could argue that he/she should profiteer after years of study. However, extorting people who are reliant on your help, will not be accepted as an excuse in the grave. God loves fairness and made cruelty unlawful for himself and thus for all of his creation.

Equally while some have natural and acquired intelligence, others are limited. This does not infer that those who are intelligent can abuse the less intelligent. We are not permitted to use knowledge to oppress others. Example, mechanics love to add on “extra work”. This type of income is tainted. When the mechanic inevitably becomes ill and visits a doctor, he would not enjoy being fleeced.

Likewise, for centuries South Africans were divided. Those who toiled to secure colonialism and Apartheid are long dead. The dead oppressors now know that you cannot pretend to worship the God of Abraham whilst persecuting his creation. No matter what you think, God despises cruelty.

Similarly, those who seek to sustain cruelty by preventing people from succeeding will be judged harshly. Those who seek to sustain unfair, bigoted privilege must know that God despises the unjust

Ultimately we can live the life we choose and reject divine guidance. The freedom to choose is what makes us human. This does not entail that death is preventable or that we will not be judged.

Ironically, fear, is a credible cause of cruelty and conquering fear could be measured the beginning of wisdom. As a result the best among us are those who are a benefit and genial to the rest of humanity.
Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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