Every year Hollywood spends millions of dollars to convince audiences that humans are alien to earth and that we came from elsewhere. Likewise some scientists cost taxpayer’s million in their attempt to proof that human evolved from apes. Both Hollywood and evolutionists work very hard to prove that the God revered by Abraham, Moses and Solomon does not exist. Some scientists are determined to find what is referred to as the “God particle”. The aim is to prove that life can be generated and that divine intervention is not required, thus the need to believe in an all-powerful God is superfluous.

Ironically, after many millenniums humans are still unable to give life to a flea which is one of the tiniest creatures visible to the human eye.

The Torah, Bible and Quran articulate that God created humans for the primary privilege of revering God and that all else is secondary. Over time, some people turned the notion upside down and relegated God to secondary and elevated themselves into supremacy. Example, the death penalty for murder is annulled but to kill for private gain is ok -Marikana is a typical case.

The authority of God to govern was relegated and alternate laws were made to favour the powerful. Thus we find Presidents and Monarchs who create havoc for regular people. Example, both Pres. Bill Clinton and George Bush dodged the military draft but caused millions to die in Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

The irony is that Hollywood in its effort to spread confusion often expresses truth. Example, when our material forms expire on earth, our souls which give life returns to its origin. Abrahamic epistemology defines the “house of souls” from where our life force origin and where we forged earlier affinities. This is where the idea “searching for our soul mate” comes from that inspires many romance movies.

It is this return to our original ethereal condition or in Hollywood terms alien-self, to be judged by God that resonates liability with genuine believers. Since atheists reject divine culpability, what stops them from limitless crime? Likewise, why should an atheistic poor shack dweller accept his/her poverty?

Also, an honest study of the Christian Crusades reveals that very little was genuinely done in the name of Christ. The Crusades was mostly about European control, feudal vanity, greed, cruelty and racism. For example, Crusaders returning home often plundered and raped weak European realms.

Similarly, Islam advocates religious freedom and articulates that there is no compulsion in religion. So, when Arab ruler’s murder, it cannot be in the name of Islam since Islam forbids this action. Also Islam only condones proactive defence and not attack. Fighting is also forbidden in sacred months. Islamic laws invalidate most of the current Middle-East conflicts. Since most conflict emerges in the name of tribe, politics, economics or pure brutality, Islam the faith, cannot be the held as the accused.

Also a self-actualized believing Jew that honours the God of Moses would not kill a Palestinian child.

In the words of the wise, honest Jews, Christians and Muslims must collectively learn to identify and isolate deceitful leaders who falsely create war and chaos in the name of God revered by Abraham.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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