Politicians are allowing us to be terrorised by criminals

Terrorism in the widest sense, is the use of intended violence, usually against civilians, for political purposes.

Recently two metro police staff were killed whilst protecting a municipal housing project planned for poor folk. Before these murders, other security staff including workers on the same site, were attacked. This is not the first or last time when workers paid by the taxpayer, busy with service delivery are hurt or killed by criminals.

The situation is so pitiful, that it is normal for some contracts to allow extra money, for a “protection fee”.

Instead of stopping the “extortion”, municipalities can now access special government funds paid for by the taxpayer for “security” to protect infrastructure which is ironically vital for the poor to live normal lives.

Already street cleaners and other municipal staff seek cover when criminals shoot willy-nilly. Ambulance and other staff are robbed when they attempt to assist the needy. This is wasteful as it costs taxpayer’s and causes added delays in critical service delivery especially for the poor. Interestingly, when housing contracts are delayed because of criminals, the contractor can claim interest on outstanding monies at taxpayers cost.  

Thus, the time has come for the definition of terrorism within our South African context to be expanded to include actions that impact on critical service delivery like the ambulance services etc. When a thief steals cables causing delays in train schedules, this action must be considered a terrorist attack and not just theft.

Criminals already rape and kill innocents at school, universities and post office. We are robbed at the bus stop, the train station, inside the bus and train and at shopping malls. Must we reward criminals with extra taxes?

Drastic action is required as regular criminal law has failed. Example, recently a tabloid reported that a Cape Flats man was robbed but had nothing of value. The robber then raped the man as penalty for having nothing.  

It is obvious that our major political parties are interested in the vote but not the voter. That is why political parties love to fight each other instead of solving actual problems. Oddly, the political games are all played entirely at taxpayers cost and no matter what happens, every month, politicians are paid on time.


Why must we live in a nightmare where criminals terrorise taxpayers but parliamentarians live in security estates at taxpayer cost? Why does our parliament refuse to stop the chaos by simply returning the death penalty? Who benefits when criminals extort contractors and politicians pay instead of solving the problem? 

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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