This election is a game changer

After 27 years of democracy, I believe people may be ready for the truth about our local politics.

The reality is that many of our politicians are the same as other politicians who cheat, steal and deceive voters. The words “poorest of the poor” and an injury to one is an injury to all” are slogans and nothing more.

Voters now have the task of deciding if they want to vote for better service delivery for themselves or for a political catch phrase or slogan or marketing campaign that actually mean nothing at all.

Since everyone is so excited about launching manifesto’s, I suggest, the voter think a little deeper.

Ask the politicians for their past manifestos’ where they promised everything. That should separate the hypocrites from the truth tellers. Voters cannot continue to get excited about manifesto launces when the manifesto launched a few years ago is not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Also, we cannot vote for the same parties who literally and figuratively keep asking for one more chance. Enough is enough, how many chances should we give those who practice deception?

I believe that, it is time to take a chance on a smaller party and give opportunity to showcase themselves. How can we lose, how can it get worse when already we struggle with expensive water and electricity and pay high rates? The unemployment is above 50% and our leading politicians have absolutely no idea what to do. It is obvious, since some voters vote for the branding and marketing strategy, political parties can literally put a destructive person like Jacob Zuma into power.

Affordable housing, water, rates and electricity is realistic when money is not wasted on sheer stupidity like the Cape Town Stadium etc. The City already spent R5 billion on the stadium. Ratepayers now spend R100 million annually on the maintenance of the stadium that is unable to sustain itself. Wasteful and fruitless and senseless expenditure is the main reason why service delivery is suffering and why costs on project continues to increase.

Job Creation is likely with least intrusion from government since most officials cannot manage a spaza shop.

The CMC wants to make it easy by removing unnecessary costs to encourage job creation.

The CMC is a qualified, experienced and energetic socially sustainable political party that has already delivered services for decades. The CMC focusses on value for money for services and exposes corruption, fruitless and wasteful expenditure to save ratepayers money.

The CMC needs the voters to give it a chance to show that it can do more.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress




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