The global outcome of the Afghan war has begun

The American global alliance against the Taliban is ending bitterly. First, the USA fled Afghanistan without warning its alliance partners. This left many nations, including Britain and France angry.

Since war is expensive, the failed invasion of Afghanistan has bankrupted Britain and the USA.

In desperation, the British and Americans undercut the French for a submarine deal with Australia. In an emotive rage, France, withdrew its ambassadors from both the USA and Britain.

War greatly impacts western economies as soldiers need many benefits. The burden on taxpayers are endless, if the war does not have immediate benefits like oil, gas or other mineral wealth etc. When soldiers are hurt or killed, the cost for the USA and Britain are endless compared to a Taliban.

When a Taliban is killed, they are honored as martyrs. Americans and others fight for benefits and money, the Taliban fought for Islam, freedom and identity, there is no economic incentive.

The Franco American alliance was based on greed and ego and ended in pursued of greed and ego.

Evidently western leaders learnt nothing from history. Britain lost its Colonial empire because it invaded Afghanistan. Russia lost its Soviet Empire and the USA will now lose its Imperial empire.

China will rise faster as western nations decline. With China comes a new form of tyranny. Soon we will all look back with regret as China dominates the global economy with its “plastic” capitalism.

Oddly, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Far East has been exploited by the West for centuries. How long did the “West” think this oppression and abuse would be tolerated?

Will a war with China solve the problem? Is it not better that the West looks at its historic behavior of slavery, colonialism and imperialism and rather consider improving its behavior towards others?

In the words of Boy George, the singer, “war is stupid and people are stupid”. When a man who dresses as a woman, declares war stupid, why can Western leaders not understand this stupidity?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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