The G7 nations are selfish and immature

I support genuine democracy and capitalism within a logical and rational framework. I also believe that China and Russia are authoritarian regimes where human dignity is regularly ignored or stifled.

However, the historic and current problems with the G7 remains the hypocrisy and silliness with which they conduct global matters. The selfishness of the G7 and Western nations creates problems.

Example, Pres. Ramaphosa attended the G7 as a “proverbial fig leaf” to deflect from what was really a meeting of “might over what is right”. Ramaphosa served no purpose and drew no benefit.

For the past 500 years’ “Western nations” has owned global politics. They created the world as we witness today. Though the West is happy to take credit for the strides in modernity and innovation, they refuse to take blame for the chaos that is part of this legacy. Example, Black and brown people continue to starve and most exist in poverty, with limited hope of a future. Climate change is real.

To add injury to insult, “Sleepy Joe” as Pres. Trump called Pres. Biden, stated that America was back to rule the world. Where did America go and from where did America return? Does the return of America imply the current USA administration refuse liability for the chaos of the Trump era?

Is this the future of global politics where an USA president simply says, “it wasn’t me”?

The G7 made promises about countering China’s “Silk Road” project that plans to create opportunity for many Asian nations. The “Silk Road” is a helpful initiative, since the G7 has done little but inspire and sustain war in that part of Asia. The G7 had centuries to create relations but chooses a juvenile response to China, with “pie in the sky” promises. Instead of trying to counter China and Russia with an intelligent approach like preventing chaos and greed, we get immaturity. The G7 could allow genuine free trade and stop tariffs and sanctions on other nations that refuse to accept abuse.

Example, the British who hosted the G7, ruined the economy of Zimbabwe when they refused to honor the Lancaster House agreement. As a result, millions of Zimbabweans now exist in poverty and are scattered across southern Africa as beggars.

The history of the G7 speaks volumes of its cruelty across the globe. The G7’s behavior remains, cruel, hypocritical, racist, immature, short sighted, selfish and childish. The world needs serious thinking people to lead with long term vision for all of us on this planet.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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